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Currently based out of Baltimore, Md, Corrie Marie travels as a Worship Leader, Speaker, and Singer/Songwriter.

The first time I sensed my purpose was at the age of twelve, sitting in the stands of a youth conference in Baltimore. My heart leapt at the thought that God could be calling me to travel around singing and speaking on His behalf, but in those same moments I believed the lie that I wasn't capable. The next several years would see me digging in my heels and pursuing a life that made sense to other people and consequently I thought could make sense to me.

Over a decade later, God finally broke down my toughest walls and brought me into a profound life of freedom. He showed me that the more I knew Him, the more I knew myself and by living for Him moment by moment, I would experience the fullness of life like never before. After a couple years out of college, I left my job as a personal trainer to give my long awaited yes to His mission of Music Ministry.






Today, I find my days remarkably different than before and fully alive. I travel to parishes, youth groups, communities, conferences, and Evangelization programs to lead worship, encounter the Church, and to share Christ's love and Truth wherever He calls me.

I'm happy to share my story and my gifts wherever Christ asks me to. If you have a need in your area, please reach out to me!


"Music is definitely Corrie's passion and her enthusiastic style engaged the mind and heart of every age group at our retreat from young adults to those post retirement age and every where in between" - Regina Wright, Evangelization Program Coordinator, Diocese of Syracuse

"I continually invited Corrie to lead music at various campus ministry events not solely because she has a celestial voice but because she is in tune with the Holy Spirit.  Corrie is receptive to the Lord and His inclinations which is the mark of a great worship leader.  She can lead a congregation in worship because she is worshipping.  It's not a show rather it is an authentic time of prayer for the people she is serving and also for herself." - Megan Mastroianni, Associate Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of Philadelphia.